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How to Make DubStep Wobble Bass In Mixcraft

Here’s a new way to make a dubStep wobble bass. This may seem familiar to you if you’ve checked out a few guides already before, but I assure you that this one gives even a more powerful insight, and it will lead to a much better, wobbling bass effect. I did more tweaking and found out there are even more possible dubStep extremes achievable with this method! So let’s get started:

  1. Open Mixcraft. Click the Virtual Instruments (“Change Instruments…”) button on a track (we shall use the first track for this tutorial).
  2. From the list of Virtual Instruments categories, select Synth Brass. Then select the Sweet Dreams preset from the right-side menu. Preview the sound with your midi keyboard or the built in Musical Typing keyboard which enables you to use your computer keyboard as a midi keyboard. This is so that in the end you can notice the great difference after you turned the bass into a dubStep wobble bass. I recommend that you record a couple of notes.
  3. Click the Effects (fx) button on the track, select “Classic Auto-Filter,” and then select “Your Sound Here” from the Preset menu.
  4. Click the Edit button, and the Classic Auto-Filter interface should pop up.
  5. For the LFO section, turn the DEPTH knob up to the maximum (100%).
  6. Set the T.SiG to 1/6, and turn on the Sync (reddish light signifies it’s on).
  7. For the OUTPUT section, turn the MIX knob to around 24:76. Now preview your recording again! The next step is for a fancier input.
  8. Add one more Effect to the track — the Effect is Classic EQ. For the Preset, choose Full Reset, and then turn up the INPUT switch to around +12 dB. Now preview your recording again. Fantastic, isn’t it?!

That’s super easy, but hi-tech at the same time! Now you’re ready to finish your dubStep project — be sure to share your finished work with the world in our forums!

Music Makes Composers!

Welcome to GetchBeats, the music making lounge for people who are made by music.
As a composer or songwriter, music makes you. So the next time you wake up thinking “Phew, I still have lots of lines to come up with,” you should remember that you don’t make those rhymes; they make you. Start thinking of what they make of you, and bam, you’re done with a verse. Yup! Follow me on my composition journey, and I hope we will all learn from each other while being entertained as well!